Mavuto Sobralia Decora Ganizani.

Where do you live?

Wu Karii

What do you do on the terraforming project?

Junior Exobiologist



Whitish and sometimes herbaceous, through sensations unconsciously influenced, not through any effort of the reason. Ancient deeds and data-sets do, in truth, linger about their roots. In some respects Wu Karii is our living home, its foundations sometimes take root. The ancient walls, growths, are of red grasses intermixed with stone, washed over white.

Had we arrived shortly after a Terran rocket, we would be bound to some other river for sale on joint account.



Pixel Fable is a collection of Afrofuturist stories.

They feature tales of astronauts & starships, sailors & witches, people from the past & future. It is an interactive archive of African and Diasporan tales, created for the digital age.