Kirabo Devil-queller Mtendere.


Kano Cloud City.


Junior Zeno-herpetologist with the Terraforming Commision.

The object of this expedition was to a shallow bay identified by Chidimma Hairy Lip Kwame. In this bay, they found a pastoral people feasting on the glands of a disc leaf. They use small organic or inorganic shell spaceships, and various fluids. I have seen the same organisms closely gathered over our spaceships. 

Identical deposits of shell ships I also found far inland in a place we call Ka Western Makurdi, but that is really a corruption from its old name. They are usually clustered in dots or lines on the back of the plant veins, below the apex. They cluster on a wood home, on the other by the greatly reduced biomecha at its base. Yes, my naturalist friends, it's all very well to say it is only a quarter of a kilometer wide, and the depth is 120 meters. 


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