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Makena Northern Woodsia.

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Outside, over the water, living gods yell. Their shoes are covered with a silica application. This is Data-craft, and at night the East thinks its thoughts. 

Black water hides the big bull frog, whose tones mimic the roar of the viaducts and the Owerri Expansion sounds. The native villages are a knife, and civilization! Sewage from a hollow box, ornamented by the tom-tom, comes out to the water when city-dwellers take a rest off the wrecked Yejide Little Hard Oghenero, floating above the brackish ocean.


Pixel Fable is a collection of Afrofuturist stories.

They feature tales of astronauts & starships, sailors & witches, people from the past & future. It is an interactive archive of African and Diasporan tales, created for the digital age.