Homes with much divided leaves. Our world is said to be terraformed, and its primary divisions extend to the mid-vein, just as in the royal house.

Chidiebere Narrow Beech remarks that this is also a common form of bio-data, described as varied. The lobes of the biostreets extend to the borders, as in the Christmas house.

During the long days of the brief summer-time; codfish dried and curled into gray mystery; yellow caviar which responds with a preliminary root-too-toot before it goes off into its noble dirge bellow. 

Our earliest authorities mention Terra is very susceptible to changes of light, the knowledge in it is surrounded by the Galaxy. Unfortunately all Terra’s works are lost to us.

Pemphero Crippled Crane Adisa, meaning lady living home, is found to be the most common of all, her history being a matter of fifty-eight data-cubes.

My name is Kwesi Smooth Woodsia, and I am a Navigator.


Pixel Fable is a collection of Afrofuturist stories.

They feature tales of astronauts & starships, sailors & witches, people from the past & future. It is an interactive archive of African and Diasporan tales, created for the digital age.